Don’t worry lads, we’ve got you covered, here are the 10 essentials of How to survive a Magaluf Stag Do!!

Ok, so you’ve had the text and been added to the whatsapp group, the lads are all buzzing – Magaluf is booked!!

However, there’s that little voice in the back of your head that knows you all to well-

‘you can’t drink like you used to’
‘What about the hangovers’
‘You’ll be sick before leaving the airport’
‘You’ll be the laughing stock’
‘You don’t have one night in you – never mind 3!’

…..and as excited as you are you just can’t ignore the voice, because you know deep down that at some point after hitting 26 – you became a lightweight!

how to survive a magaluf stag do

Well fear not, help is at hand! Here we list the top 10 things you need to consider to survive a Magaluf Stag Do!

1   Flight Time

Now you may not have much say in this, BUT if you have any influence in the planning of the weekend we strongly suggest you stay away from the 6am flights!

Why that matters
It sounds great when you’re booking them, nice and cheap, early start means you will be in Magaluf for 11am – result!!
Or is it? That 11am start is going to make you feel like you’ve just flown long haul for 48 hours come 7pm.

Think about it, to fly at 6am you will need to be at the airport for 4am (especially with a big group to organise) which might not sound too bad? Well what about travel time to the airport? Let’s say an average of 1 hour (more for many of us), then finding your pre paid parking and waiting for the shuttle bus, and the time it takes to get ready? OK you’re a LAD but you’re going to want to look half decent for the weekend away – alright at least brush your teeth! So we will add 30 minutes to that.

“a Magaluf weekend isn’t always top of her ‘places I like the husband to go’ list.”

This means you need to wake up at 2.15am!! Think you’re going to be in bed the night before nice and early when the mrs knows you’re off to Magaluf for the weekend?? Think again!

For the lucky (or unlucky depending on your view of the mrs) she will be wanting to make sure you remember what you have at home – sweeeeeet!! All good but no early night.

For the less fortunate amongst you the other half is going to produce a list of jobs as long as your arm that suddenly need doing before you dare leave her on her own for 3 nights with the kids!
Even worse you may just be arguing all night, because let’s face it, a Magaluf weekend isn’t always top of her ‘places I like the husband to go’ list.

Think you’re going to sleep en route to the airport or on the plane?? Ha ha you’ve no chance!! The lads have been waiting for this for months and will have no intention of letting you get some shut eye.

A nice 9am flight can make a world of difference to your staying power for the weekend – trust us!

2   Pre hydrate

Plan ahead gents! Easing the hangover and how long you’re going to last will depend on what you do before that first drink. Get plenty of water down you the night before and the morning of the flight, alcohol is extremely dehydrating so give your body a fighting chance. You probably won’t, but we’d suggest avoiding that 4 pack on the way to the airport. Your body is about to consume extreme amounts of alcohol over the next 3 days, delay it while you can!

3   Warm up

You might like this one – drink alcohol! No we don’t mean go on a bender for 2 days before your flight, we’re talking about the week and 2 weeks before. Do you really want to have your first drink in 2 months on the morning of the Stag Do?? You’ll be in bed by lunch time! So we say practise and give your body a little warm up session before you go.*

*this is backed up with zero evidence that it will help at all, but we like the idea of it anyway.

4   Room mate and room key

Do not, we repeat DO NOT leave this to chance or for someone else to decide. Who is in your room can literally make or break your weekend!
As soon as the whatsapp group is formed, while the others are searching for Magaluf hotels, you should be scanning the list of names, you know who to avoid – good old Smithy.

Anyone but that guy!

Life and soul of every party, last one to bed and first one up, joker of the pack, top laugh on every night out – and an absolute nightmare to room with!!
Find your ideal roomies, the ones you can have a laugh with but the ones that will let you get some kip when needed and won’t give you any shit for having a bottle of water next to your bed.

What if you ARE Smithy, I hear you ask?? Simple, you wouldn’t be reading this!

The room key is more than a hotel room key, this is the key to your survival! If you don’t have a key make sure there is a 24 hour reception. There is nothing worse than having to go to that after hours bar at 7am just because young Alex has pulled and has locked you out the room! Give him his time by all means but don’t be letting him kick you out for the night!

5   Pre, during and post match meal!

It’s not rocket science lads – EAT!!   You’re body simply cannot cope with 3 days boozing without food. Remember to line the stomach, get a breakfast inside you!

When the day session is coming to an end and the lads start heading back for a shower or power nap, grab a burger! And at the end of the night staggering home – grab a pizza or kebab! Some groups of lads will be happy to have a good sit down meal with all the boys in one of the nice restaurants in Magaluf but for others, food is the last thing on their mind, so it’s up to you to squeeze it in when you can.

6   Siesta

Well, when in Rome??
At Stag and Hens Magaluf we all agree the Spanish are onto something with the mid afternoon snooze, we believe this power nap will make or break you’re ability to make the night out after an all dayer.
Now you’re not going to be hitting the strip anytime before 9pm (if you’ve got any sense) nothing gets going until after 10pm really. That may sound late but don’t forget the clubs are full until 6am here!
This gives you perfect chance for a power nap, ideal scenario is have a good day drink until around 4 or 5pm, grab that burger on the way back, down at least half a litre of water and grab an hour of shut eye.
Wake up a bit groggy, glug some more water, shit shower and shave and you’re ready for your next Jaeger Bomb in the Magaluf Bars!

7   Hydrate

We’ve said enough on this already DRINK WATER!!!! Una botella de agua, por favor!
Just remember, you don’t want to be drinking the tap water here so as soon as you check into the room make a quick visit to the nearest shop, stock up on the H2o, the lads will thank you for it in the morning.
Just don’t be asking for water in Coyote Ugly Bar – come on, we know you’ve seen the film!

8   The Pool 

One thing we have here that every hangover needs is a pool! Throw on the shorts, head down stairs, dive straight in, there is no better way to shake the cobwebs off from a heavy night. If you’ve booked a cheap ass hotel without a pool, fear not, there is a huge one down the road – called the mediterranean! Magaluf beach is one of the best hangover cures known to man!


Beers on Magaluf beach


9   A Cold shower

Ok so there’s no pool and you’ve turned into dracula with the thought of sun light giving you the shivers. Well fear not, head to the shower, do what you’ve got to do, then blast that bad boy to cold!! This is a tried and tested method and one of the best ways to kick your body and head back into gear after last nights antics. Don’t believe us? Try it at home, next time you’ve been out, this shit works!

10   Hangover Cures

If you suffer with hangovers then you haven’t seen anything yet!

The Magaluf hangover is a bitch! Cheap vodka and shot girls putting who knows what down your throat leads to a seriously fuzzy head the next day. Thankfully the sun and the next all dayer soon help you forget it.
However, don’t lose a day of being in this wonderful town by spending it in bed, pre pack you’re tried and tested methods, hit the pharmacy, stock up on whatever usually works.
Here is a link to Men’s Health magazine with their guide to curing a hangover, we thought we should include at least SOME advice which has been backed up by real research, even if it’s not ours!

How to cure a Hangover

There’s no excuses now lads, it’s just 3 days away, you’ve got this!!

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